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Why should you buy a reminder?

- It gives peace of mind!

Not only is the disc an effective reminder that brings a bit of fun and colour to your windscreen but there is a serious side to its use.

Remember those perforations? Go the extra mile and order a perforated version!

Shows the dates when "Road tax", MOT test and car insurance are all due

Backgrounds range from the traditional, national flags or something quirky.

It makes a perfect useful gift - and it's a bit different

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In 1938, after motorists had been painstakingly cutting their tax discs out by hand for 18 years, discs with perforations were introduced for a reason!. You to can get your reminder with that useful little touch - order one now with perforations!

In the past, on payment of your vehicle excise duty (VED or Road Tax), the DVLA sent you a disc to display as proof of payment. It also acted as a prompt for when it was due the following year to ensure timely payment.

From October 2014 the DVLA stopped sending out the discs - you still have to pay, and the DVLA computer records show that you have done so. When the police or DVLA cameras look at your registration plate as you pass they cross check your registration with these databases to see if you have paid your VED.

If you haven’t paid you could be fined up to £1000 and stand a chance of being clamped!

Clamping vans from DVLA registered companies are patrolling the streets equipped with Automatic Number Plate Reader (ANPR) technology that can read the number plates of vehicles parked at the roadside. The number plates are checked against a list of untaxed vehicles and any identified are confirmed against the DVLA vehicle register. The untaxed vehicle can then clamped,towed away and impounded after 24 hours (or immediately in some cases) - a nice little earner for someone!

The authorities and clamping companies have their computers, cameras and databases - you no longer have your reminder disc with its expiry date! Be prepared - order for yourself, your friend or loved one, peace of mind, nostalgia and bring back the past with a little reminder! - it even looks a bit cool and retro!

The DVLA should send you a paper reminder - sometimes these get lost in the post or, as is sometimes the way in our busy lives, put to one side and forgotten till it's too late! You may have even thought about paying by Direct Debit, but they charge a fee for this which you may begrudge paying. The DVLA have recently introduced a service to send you MOT reminders via email ot text - this is proving to be a very useful service. Some garages send you MOT reminders, as do insurance companies for your insurance. Though they can act as a prompt and are useful they are focused at you renewing the business with them and perhaps don't give you time to plan for perhaps cheaper and more customer friendly alternatives. Your Little Reminder Disc in your windscreen can be a constant reminder for you and allow you to properly plan for timely renewal of the services you need with who you want.

Discs can also make a perfect, and different, little gift. From the novelty range that adds a little quirky colour to your day and windscreen, to the 'Retro' range which could be a tax disc from the year your loved one (person or vehicle!) was born. Why be the same as the others? Try something different to brighten the day up!

If you don't see one that fits your needs on our Orders page and have an image or theme you want specifically then it's no problem! Custom and personalised discs are one of our specialities. Go to our 'Contact' page and send us a message and we will get back to you.

Want to check out the law relating to taxing your vehicle or contact the DVLA? - click 'here'.

If you don't want to buy one of our discs, have a look at other ways to remember these important points by clicking 'here' - suggestions always welcome!

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Tax Disc Reminder Samples

Custom and personalised discs are one of our specialities!

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