Blackbird Mr Blackbird April 2020

Mr Blackbird April 2020

Blackbird Betty Blackbird 28th May 2019

Betty Blackbird 28th May 2019

Welcome to this jolly website, dedicated to the delightful Betty Blackbird and her valiant endeavors to embark on the noble task of family-raising in our humble garden. To add a touch of quaintness, we have bestowed the name 'Betty' upon all our female blackbirds, while their gallant male counterparts are christened as 'Mr Blackbird'.

This delightful tale regales us with a brief account of Betty's past efforts, but it truly shines a light on her grandiose achievements in the splendid year of 2023. With her charming partner by her side, she courageously laid and hatched a splendid clutch of eggs right in our midst! Oh, what a glorious sight it was to witness the tiny beaks peeping out from the snug nest.

But hold onto your hats, my friends, for the story does not end there! Our fearless Betty, seemingly in possession of superlative parenting skills, proceeded to bless us with yet another clutch in the very same nest! Oh, the audacity! The audacity of this feathery family to raise two broods in the same abode, defying all expectations.

Blackbird Betty gathering nest material 6th April 2020

Betty gathering nest material 6th April 2020

Blackbird Happy Families 17th May 2023

Happy Families 17th May 2023

Alas, dear friends, the tale takes a somber turn as we delve into the misfortunes that befell our feathered friends during their second daring hatching endeavor. It seems that tragedy struck their journey right from the start, casting a gloomy shadow over their noble aspirations. But fear not, for our intrepid avian duo did not let this setback dampen their spirits! With unwavering determination, they swiftly brushed off the mishap and bravely embarked on yet another mission to bolster their species' numbers.

Oh, the resilience of these valiant birds, persisting in the face of adversity! Their unwavering spirit inspires awe and admiration, for they refuse to let setbacks define their path. With a twinkle in their beady eyes and a flutter in their wings, they set forth once more, undeterred by the trials that befell them.

Let us raise our teacups once again, dear companions, and toast to the indomitable spirit of Betty Blackbird and her steadfast partner. May their gallant pursuit to multiply their kin serve as a delightful reminder that, even in the face of hardship, one can always find the strength to soar higher. Let their inspiring tale encourage us all to embrace the joys of nature and family in our own little corners of the world.

So, take a sip, sit back, click the button and enjoy the tale!